Turquoise Jewelry Collection
A Brief Introduction and Care

Here's my collection of turquoise jewelry! Each and every one is designed and created by my own hands. But first, before we look at them, let us find out what turquoise is.

Collection of Jewelries

Here's my small collection. I hope to add to them here gradually as I have  purchased quite a bit of these stones so do bookmark this page if you too are fascinated by it.

I used mainly silver findings when creating them. Read here why I do this.

Sexy dangling earrings with long tiny chains, turquoise cubes  and gemstones.

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Trendy jean accessory using turquoise beads: flowers and oblong shaped stones.

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Simple elegant earrings using faceted turquoise and  gemstones to create drops.

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Brief Introduction

Turquoise is a bluish green color gemstone; it is copper aluminum phosphate with a hardness of 6. The blue color comes from the copper in the stone. So how strong a blue depends on the strength of the copper content. And the green is created by the iron content in the gemstone.

A Holy Stone

Turquoise is not just a decorative adornment worn by women as fashion jewelry.

Since ancient time, it has been used for other various purposes. As early as 3000B.C., turquoise was used in the inlay on grave furnishings. It has been esteemed as a holy stone; a stone that brings good luck and protection to the owner and wearer.

They were worn on the head on turban, on wrists and around necks as jewelry and used to decorate weapons like daggers and swords to ward off evil and protect against unnatural death.

A Friendship Stone

Turquoise is a friendship gemstone. It symbolizes faithfulness and consistency in relationship. Turquoise jewelry is the appropriate gift for friends.

Turquoise With Silver

I was reading a crime fiction story one day and the whole plot was located in Sante Fe, Mexico. In the story, I learned about the silver and turquoise figurines and jewelry used by the people for religious purposes. It was understood that the sky-blue color in the stone can open up a connection between the people with the sky and the sea.

Interestingly, the silver and blue do come together so beautifully creating a great combination of colors.

Caring For Your Collection

Turquoise tends to be affected by cosmetic. So be careful when spraying perfume and applying cosmetic that you do not get them on your jewelry.

It's good to clean your them once in a while with a damp cloth to get rid of dust that settled on the gemstone.

The acidity from our skin also affects the stone.

All these; cosmetics, dust, and sweat as well as heat and strong light can change the color of the stone.

So from time to time, give your turquoise jewelry with a soft rub from a damp cloth to preserve their lovely colors.

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