So Enchanted By Charms

Collecting charms is a fascinating hobby that can make you go to great length to search for them.

Here we will discuss the various types of charm's materials, ideas for using these trinkets, designs and where to find unique supply and other aspects of this captivating and charming jewellery findings.

You can look out for them at flea markets, jewelry making stores, and second-hand fashion shops. Well, you never know what you will find.

So next time you are out in one of these places, look out for them to add to your jewellery collection.

The Different Types of Materials Used To Create Them

Base Metal - These are inexpensive one that you can purchase at about a dollar a piece. They are great for making bracelets for young girls.

Sterling Silver - I love these. They are usually make of 925 silver and are just beautiful.

Gold - These are either gold plated or solid gold. Some are hollow and would make quite a jingle on a bracelet with others.

Enamel - Colorful! Either make of inexpensive base metal with enamel coating.

Gemstones - Carved or beaded. These might chip if placed too closed to metal trinkets.

Glass - Sparkling colorful glass beads.

Crystals - Some wear these for healing purposes.

The Various Kind Of Charms

  • Laser Cut: These are rather fragile and should not be used for making bracelets. I do use these for making earrings since they are light and charming.
  • Filigrees: Especially heart designs.
  • Hollow: Figurines or other designs that are hollow inside.
  • Silhouettes: These are flat in shapes of countries, heads, hearts, flowers, etc.
  • Boxes/Containers/Lockets: With compartment where one can stores a tiny momento; e.g. a tooth, a lock of hair, perfume, love seed.
  • Messages: A message engraved; e.g. birth date, love quote, wedding anniversary, etc.
  • Alphabets: Can use these to create a message or theme. e.g. L O V E, H O P E, F R I E N D S, etc

Where To Find Interesting Charms?

  • Flea Markets
  • Junk shops
  • Jewelry stores
  • Pawnshops
  • Garage sales
  • Antique shops
  • Second hand shops
  • Jewelry websites
  • Ebay

Uses Beside Making Charm Bracelets

There are lots of uses for these lovely trinkets beside making bracelets. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can put them to great use. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • For wrapping a gift. Use it to decorate a gift. Attach it to a string, ribbon or wire and tie the present with it. Add a flower or two or some beads too if you like.
Silver Dog Charm On Present
  • For card making. I love to use them as embellishments for my handmade greeting cards. For these you might find that those with flat back are more suitable for gluing to your cards.
  • For journal making. Use these to decorate the binding of the journal.
  • For making bookmarks. Attach to a long ribbon and use as a bookmark for your Bible or favorite book.
  • For making key chain. Use a jump ring to attach it to the end of a key chain.
  • For making hair elastic. Use a jump ring to attach it to a hair elastic band and use the band as a pony tail elastic band.
  • For making earrings. Attach a pair of them to ear hooks with jump rings.
  • For making pendants. Just dangle on a leather thong and wear around your neck choker style or on a chain.
  • For decorating your napkin rings.
  • For making cell phones accessories.
  • Include them in your floral bouquets. Tie one or two round your wrapping paper or use a few on the end of flower decorating sticks, add some flowers and make a floral bouquet.
  • For decorating your wine glasses. Great for a wedding.
  • For making curtain tassels.
  • For making pins.
  • For making anklets.
  • For decorating door knob pull. (Refer photo below)

Keep a few at hand. You will find lots more uses for them.

For Decorating Door Pull

My kitchen cabinets are rather dull looking and everything is white on white. Walls are white, cabinets are white, even the counter-top top is also white.

So, in order to bring some color into the kitchen, I added these to the door knob of each cupboard door.

The charm dangling from it is a heart with filigree.


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