Lotus bead pattern is simple and easy - the only thing is you need to find these special lotus beads.

Here we will use this bead pattern to create a colorful sparkling Oriental Lotus Bracelet.

This is truly a very simple pattern and can be done in less than 30 minutes especially if you have good eyesights and nimble fingers.

Here's a picture of the Oriental Lotus Bracelet.

lotus crystal bracelet/Lotus Crystal Bracelet

This Chinese lotus crystal bracelet is very popular in Asia. It is being worn by young girls as well as older women. Some of the temples also make and sell these bracelets. Those from the temple usually have religious significance since they would have been blessed by the monks. And being so would be very expensive.

Anyway, if you like anything oriental, this is one oriental bracelet that you would like to make for yourself. Since it is relatively easy and quick to make, you might like to make some and give away as gifts. Just follow the Lotus Bead Pattern below for the placement of your crystal beads.

lotus bead pattern/Lotus Bead Pattern

Picture below shows an enlarged image of a bead used to create the lotus flower. It is oblong in shape and flat on one side and raised on the other side. The hole is at the top.

lotus bead/Lotus Bead for Oriental Bracelet

Note: To create the lotus flower, you need to place two beads with the raised sides facing one another. When you tightened the 3 strings, the 6 beads (2 on a string) form a lotus.

Jewelry Making Supplies Needed for Lotus Bead Bracelet:

  • 12 pcs. 6mm hyacinth oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm aquamarine oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm light rose oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm jonquil oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm peridot oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm topaz oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mm violet oblong crystal beads
  • 12 pcs. 6mmclear oblong crystal beads
  • 16 pcs. 8mm clear round faceted beads
  • 3 pcs. 9 inch elastic strings
  • glue
  • packing tape

Lotus Bead Pattern Explained:

  1. Cut 3 pieces of 9 inch long clear color 0.5mm elastic strings
  2. Use packing tape to hold the 3 strings together at one end. This will keep prevent the beads from running off the strings.
  3. Following the lotus bead pattern, put in 6 beads of the same color onto the 3 strings. (2 beads with raised surface facing one another on each string)
  4. Add a 8mm clear round faceted crystal bead.
  5. Repeat step 3. with another color beads.
  6. Add a 8mm clear round faceted crystal bead.
  7. Continue using the lotus pattern, alternating the colors to the end.
  8. You should end with a 8mm clear round faceted crystal bead since you had started with the 6 colored beads.
  9. Push all the beads against each other to tighten and form the lotus shapes for each cluster of 6 crystals.
  10. Tie a knot.
  11. Add a drop of glue and tie another knot.
  12. Let the glue dry and cut off excess elastic strings.

Here are two sets of the bracelets using the Lotus Bead Pattern. The only difference is the color of crystal beads used.

two lotus crystal bracelets/Lotus Crystal Bracelets

Lotus Bead Bracelet

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